Why Quickball?

It builds a bridge to baseball and softball

Learn the game

For over 20 years, Quickball has taught diamond sport fundamentals, increased participant activity, and encouraged player inclusion to children of all ages — motivating many a rookie to play beyond their first season and fall in love with the game.

Quickball’s benefits

Play it anywhere

Whether it’s the backyard, an open field or a local beach, take your gear wherever you go.

Include everyone

Quickball is adaptable for all, making it an inclusive sport everyone can play together.

Make it accessible

It does not require gloves or large rosters, creating more opportunities for players of all ages and levels — from as young as three to high school, college and beyond — to get involved with the game.

Enjoy instruction

The sport is also easy to coach — an especially important note for community league programs that are always searching for new volunteer coaches but come up short because of the knowledge required.

Why Quickball?About
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