for: Little Leagues, travel ball, select and elite teams who are part of our Powered By program or train in our facilities

If you think Quickball is just for entry level players, you might ask professional ballplayers like Justin Turner, George Springer, and Yankees #1 prospect Anthony Volpe about their experiences with it.

EL1 Baseball, Softball University and the Dodgers Training Academy have all begun to integrate Quickball into our training for teams in our facilities. That’s because it teaches and reinforces the mechanics of the game, and emphasizes teamwork in the fieldĀ and at the plate. Quickball players learn the value of working togetherĀ and gain a better understanding of how effective teamwork creates group success. Playing Quickball teaches and strengthens baseball/softball skills by offering multiple hitting, fielding and throwing chances for all players during each game. Innovative concepts such as timed team at bats, rapid batter rotation and two-way scoring keeps games moving and gets everyone involved!

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