for: leagues, schools, camps, community rec programs, college intramural programs, corporations

goals: participation, fun, affordability

Programs have been established at hundreds of schools and camps for more than a decade. The Quickball staff will come to your camp or school for staff training and program implementation so that your organization will be equipped with the knowledge needed to run Quickball games, tournaments and activities.

Camps and After School Programs

  • Quickball league sets are inexpensive and flexible. They can be set up in a gym, on a field or blacktop, or just about anywhere.
  • Our modified equipment provides a safe environment for players of all experience and skill levels.
  • For younger kids, the game teaches students/campers how to throw, catch and hit in a highly active way.
  • For older and more skilled kids, there are many variations of Quickball games (e.g. Homerun Derby) that are challenging and incredibly fun!

Community Programs

  • Many community rec departments have turned to Quickball as an easier, less expensive, and more engaging alternative or supplement to traditional diamond sports programs.
  • Quickball’s many games and modalities work well for kid and adult activities alike – no gloves or special equipment needed.
  • Quickball is also happy to be partnered with the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation in a community effort with the Badges for Baseball Program. In hundreds of communities across America, vulnerable youth and law enforcement are joining forces to play and learn — building positive connections in the process. They’re part of the flagship Badges for Baseball program, created in collaboration with the U.S. Department of Justice. The life-skills training program pairs at-risk youth with law enforcement mentors from local communities who use team sports to teach valuable life lessons.

Corporate Programs

  • For corporate outings and team-building sessions, pitch the picnics and release the ropes courses in a quest for Quickball!
  • Our Quickball games are easy to learn and accessible to everyone, regardless of skill or fitness level.
  • We can even set up a Quickball field on the roof of your parking garage.