Quickball was developed more than 20 years ago by brothers Chris and Keith Mackie, along with their father Russell Mackie, as a 4-on-4 college intramural sport featuring speeded-up play and a specialized ball and bat. They were trying to harken back to some of the magic of creative free play that had always been a part of home-grown baseball variations (stickball, stoopball, wire ball, half ball, etc.), but adapted for a 21st Century world in which screens and other activities put a premium on time.

By 2001 variations of Quickball had been embraced by the youth baseball community (especially the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation), which recognized how engaging, accessible, easy and fun Quickball is to those who are just starting out. The Mackies built out curricula to support the growth of Quickball as a developmental tool. The name evolved into USA Quickball.

article from the Sanford (NC) Herald, 7/31/10

Today the game is played by people of all ages, in all 50 states and in Latin America, Europe, and West Africa. Three-year-olds enjoy Quickball, as do Major Leaguers. Community rec departments around the country have Quickball summer leagues. And it is still played as a college intramural sport.

USA Quickball was acquired by EL1 Sports in 2022, and the name is now in the process of being changed to EL1 Quickball.