for: ages 3-6

goals: fundamentals, active teamwork, hustle, fun

The Quickball entry level program is designed for those first being introduced to the games of baseball and softball. The goal is to increase the number of young ballplayers participating in their neighborhood baseball/softball programs. We believe that providing a positive experience at a young age – with more activity and less standing around – will help young players and their families fall in love with the greatest game ever created! Quickball entry level programs can work side-by-side with tee ball, or can precede it – and our experience in many leagues has been an increased player registration rate of 40%.

Key Components

  • Foot cutouts and special character position cards help newcomers learn the fundamentals of the game.
  • Skills stations focus on the proper way to execute all essential diamond skills.
  • Something new is introduced each week, including revolutionary concepts such as rapid rotation, two-way scoring and timed stations.
  • Up-tempo skills stations and high-speed game action increase player movement and keeps everyone on their toes.
  • Team success — on offense and defense — revolves around hustle! Each batter learns the correct way to hustle out a single, double, triple and home run. Fielders stay active by rotating positions and handling specific fielding assignments.
  • Kids of all skill levels contribute and the focus of each game is enjoyment — for the players and their parents!