Quickball builds a bridge to baseball/softball by combining diamond skills and sandlot fun.

Fast-paced and addictively fun, it hooks kids and their families and keeps them engaged, focusing as much on why you play as on how you play. Over more than 20 years it has been proven to increase player activity and teach “baseball/softball smart” play to players of all ages. It is thus an extremely effective way for today’s young players to experience baseball/softball, develop their fundamental skills at the entry level, and keep them playing behind the first year or two – a critical time when many kids leave tend to the sport forever.

With a variety of games and instructional modalities, Quickball can be played anywhere from a field to a gym to a parking lot to a beach. It is also an adaptive and inclusive sport that works well for those with certain physical disabilities. It does not require gloves, expensive gear, or large rosters, creating more opportunities for players of all ages and levels – from as young as three to high school, college and beyond – to get involved with the game. It is baseball at twice the pace in half the space and a fraction of the cost.

Quickball is also easy to coach – an especially important fact for community league programs that are always searching for new volunteer coaches but coming up short because of the knowledge required.